I was born in Oct. 6, 1946 in Tehran. I finished my high school in Hadaf No. 1 in 1946. I have my undergraduate and graduate educations from US. I received my B.Sc. in physics from University of Arizona, Tucson, Arizona in 1968, and M.Sc. in solid state physics from University of Notre Dame in 1970, and Ph.D. in experimental solid state physics from University of Notre Dame in 1973 and returned to Iran to assume a teaching and research post in present Sharif University of Technology. My immediate concern was to set up a Magnet Research Laboratory (MRL) in the Department of Physics when the experimental physics was rather new in Iran. I achieved this by 1976, and published a paper in the Physical Review B. After the 1979 revolution, I served in the army in defending my country in the Iraq-war from 1980 to 1981. After returning back to the university, unfortunately and beyond my control and wishes, my academic and research activities came to a halt for a long period until the year 1993 when I had to re-built my laboratory (MRL) again.

Many students have been trained and numerous papers have been published from their work in MRL. These students have attained the highest scientific standard and received many first-place awards from the Physics Society of Iran and the reputable Khwarizmi Nation-wide scientific competition for their excellent research work in MRL.

I have initiated and organized many national and international conferences, workshops, and sceientific events, a few examples are: the First Regional Conference on Magnetic and Superconducting Materials (MSM99) in 1999. The event was a great success and caught the fancy of the neighbouring developing countries. Under my co-chairmanship, the second MSM01 was co-organized in Jordan in 2001, and the third international MSM03 in Tunisia in 2003, and the fourth international MSM05 in Morocco, and the fifth international MSM07 in Uzbekistan. The sixth MSM09 was held in India in 2009, the seventh MSM11 was organized in Malaysia in 2011, the eighth MSM13 conference was held in Tunisia, and the ninth MSM15 was held in Turkey. I am organizing the Tenth International Conference on Magnetic and Superconducting Materials (MSM17) in Sharif University of Technology during September 18-21 2017. In 2008 I initiated the First Workshop on Magnetic and Superconducting Materials (WMSM08), which was organized jointly with Professor T.K. Lee in National Chung Hsing University, Taichung, Taiwan from July 4-10, 2008.

I also initiated and organized the First National Conference on Advances in Superconductivity (NCAS1) in the Department of Physics, Sharif University of Technology during May 29-30, 2008. This series of biannual national conferences has been successfully carried on: The NCAS2 was organized in Shahid Chamran University, Ahwaz, during February 3-4, 2010, the NCAS3 was held in Kashan University during May17-18, 2012, and I organized the NCAS4 at Sharif University of Technology during February 7-8, 2014, when four eminent scientists from US (Nobel Laureate A.J. Leggett, C.W. Paul Chu, W. Pickett, and S. Deemyad) attended. The NCAS5 was held in the University of Urmia during May 3-4, 2016.These are small steps in promoting the physics of magnetism and superconductivity in the developing countries.

Since 1995, my students and I have published nearly 300 papers and reports on magnetism and superconductivity in international journals, books, conference proceedings, etc., and review articles (see e.g. Physica B 321, 265 (2002); Phys. Stat. Sol. b 241, 1242 (2004); Phys. Stat. Sol. a 203, 2819 (2006)). Some of these achievements have opened new vistas of inquiry and were refereed to extensively by experts in the field. I was also awarded the Researcher of the Year 2003.

I have been the Editor of various national and international journals and books such as the two-volume book (Superconducting and Magnetic Materials, published by the World Scientific Co., 2000), also the Special Edition on Two Decades of High Temperature Superconductivity (1986-2006) by the Iranian Journal of Physics Research, and the Guest Editor of Physica C, vol. 321 (2002) and phys. stat. sol. c 1 & 3 (2004 & 2006), and Editor of Science Research Journal of Isfahan University, Iranian Journal of Physics Research, and PMC Physics B Journal. I have also edited many proceedings for the Iran Academy of Sciences. 

I have been the head of Physics Section of the IR Iran Academy of Sciences (2008-2013), and I am a member of the Physics Society of Iran, founding member of the National Centre of Excellence in Complex Systems and Condensed Matter (CSCM), and founding member and head of the Advanced Materails Group (PAM) and IRPAM, Department of Physics, Sharif University of Technology.

To advance the field in Iran, I have authored a series of  books in Farsi on "Advances in High Temperature Superconductivity" with my ex-student, Dr. S.Z. Yamani, which assimilates and integrates the latest development in the field and being used as a source book for graduate studies and research works. The first volume of the series in 590 pages is published by the Sharif University of Technology Press in 2002; this book was awarded the Best Applied Science Book of the Year in 2005. The second vol. is in the process of publication. The History of Physics in Iran is the title of another two-volume research book about the past and present contributions of Iranians to physics, which is under publication process with the Iran Academy of Sciences.