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About Me

Welcome to my homepage.I just got a BS.c. degree majoring in Physics and minoring in Green Energy Engineering from Physics and Energy Engineering Department of Sharif University of Technology, Tehran, Iran.
I was a Teaching Assistant at the Acoustic Lab for two years in Physics Department.

My thesis is on growth of absorber layer in solution-based CIS solar cell, conducted under the supervision of Professor Nima Taghavinia . My research interests include Solid State , Solar Cells and PV Systems , and Semiconductors.

 Activities and Projects

Summer 2018

Internship on Data Mining-IPM

Cognitive Science Group's aim is to develop  accurate computer simulations of the neural and synaptic mechanisms, disease process, or cognitive phenomena. I was introduced to this group by Professor Mehdi Fardmanesh and worked as a trainee under the supervision of Dr Shima Salehi. My training was mainly on data mining in functional genomics; application of knowledge discovery, Biosignature, modelling and prediction.

Spring 2018

Designing Management Plan

We suggested a solution in order to reduce the harmful environmental effects with the managment plan.
This project was conducted under the supervison of  Professor Avami.

Fall 2017

Load Commitment for a Smart Home with Electric Vehicle

The main goal of this class project with Professor Moein Moeini Aghtaie was to optimize energy production with PV system. The energy demand consisted of flexible and non-flexible loads. The optimization with MATLAB code involved three stages:The initial optimization,an optimization with charge controller,and an optimization with an electric vehicle as a charge controller.

Summer 2017

Design and Installation of Solar Panel for Department

Under the supervision of Professor Ramin Roshandel  we studied and designed a 5kW solar panel for both electricity and heat generation purposes.

Summer 2016

Green Energy Management (GEM) Summer School

The two week long GEM Summer School at Ettore Majorana Centre in Italy provided me with a priceless experience in international atmosphere alongside international students. Moreover, I became familiar with a context of first-class training in the field of Green Energy Management and renewable resources.


STC (sound transmission class)

A new experiment manual was added to the acoustic lab and we worked on STC the rating which is determined by measuring the transmission loss (TL) of the partition of interest and then applying a curve fitting procedure as outlined by ASTM standards.