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After earning my Master's degree in experimental condensed matter physics from Sharif University of Technology in 2012, I immediately joined the Physics PhD program of this university. Now I'm beginning my third year as a doctoral student and am working with Dr. Omid Akhavan , who was also the advisor of my master thesis. My master research was focused on photocatalysis using WO3-graphene nanocomposites in the visible light region. We are currently involved in chemical vapor deposition of high quality graphene and three dimensional graphene foam with different morphologies, to investigate their application as a scaffold for cell culture and differentiation. read more ...

Research Interests

  • In general, bio-nanotechnology,
    More specifically, my current research interest is focused around an initiative: applying electroactive nanomaterials for neural recording, stimulation, and growth.
  • lensless imaging techniques for structural determination of nanostructures and Individual biomolecules,
    I am also very interested in working on phase retrieval and image reconstruction algorithms.
  • graphene and the other artificial allotropes of carbon: buckyballs, carbon nanotubes, and the elusive nanostructure of carbon, carbyne,
  • TMDCs, as the other 2D materials that have emerged with a great potential applications in nanoelectronics and optoelectronics,
    There are many interesting properties in the world of these single-layer 2D materials.
  • density functional theory ,
    I am now learning DFT with prof. Nafari, the senior professor of condensed matter physics in the physics department.


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