The research topics in HE group includes aspects of String Theory, Quantum Field Theory and Particles Physics.

Farhad Ardalan

Non-commutative Field Theory

Renormalization Theory

String Theory

Hesamaddin Arfaei

Black Hole Physics

Particle Physics

String Theory

Amin Faraji

String Theory

Gauge/Gravity Dualy

.Mehdi Golshani

Foundations of Physics

Philosophy of Physics

Neda Sadooghi

QCD Matter

Finite Temperature Field Theory

No-commutative Gauge Theory

Mahdi Torabian

String Swampland Program

String Compacifications

SUSY breaking and phenomenology

Early Universe Cosmology

Chern-Simons Theory

Publication Lists

Farhad Ardalan [inspire]

Hesamaddin Arfaei [inspire]

Amin Faraji [inspire]

Mehdi Golshani [inspire]

Neda Sadooghi [inspire]

Mahdi Torabian [inspire]

Research Interests

Selected Publications

High Energy Physics Research Group

Department of Physics

Sharif University of Technology