1399-1400  2nd Semester

25 Khordad 1400           Aida Mehin Rasulian (SUT)     

Swampland dS conjectures in no-scale supergravity models

18 Khordad 1400           Jehed Abedi (Max Planck Institute)     

Observation of multi-mode of a quasi-normal spectrum from a perturbed  black hole

11 Khordad 1400           Arman Esmaili (PUC, Rio de Janeiro)     

A multimessenger approach to answer where do IceCube neutrinos come from

4 Khordad 1400           Mahdis Ghodrati (SUT/Nanjing-Yangzhou U.)     

Entanglement wedge reconstruction and corrolation measures in mixed stater: Modular flow vs. quantum recovery channerl

28 Ordibehersh 1400           GholamHossein Haghighat (IPM)     

Search for lepton flavor violating ALPs at a future muon collider and utilization of polarization induced effects

7 Ordibehesht 1400           Kamran Salehi Vaziri (EPFL)     

Hamiltonian truncaton in AdS spacetime

31 Farvardin 1400           Erfan Esamili (IPM)     

Surface charges of Abelian gauge theories in AdS space

24 Farvardin 1400           Ali Ashtari Esfahani (SUT)     

Fisrt measurement of muon magnetic moment from g-2 experiment at FermiLab

17 Farvardin 1400           Ali Ekhterachian (Meriland U.)     

Composite Higgs confinement phase transtition in the early Universe

26 Esfand 1399           Farhad Shokouhi (SUT)     

Black hole evaporation with the dimensional reduction

12 Esfand 1399           Faroq Mousavian (McGill U.)     

Coadjoint orbits and gravitational edge modes

5 Esfand 1399           Sina Soltani (SUT)     

Massive gravity from spontaneous symmetry breaking and dimensional reduction

1399-1400  1st Semester

17 Dey 1399           Kazem Bitaghsir (Shahroud U.)     

Weyl Semimetals from AdS/CFT with flavor

9 Dey 1399           Mahmoud Safari (Bologna U.)     

Exploring multi-scalar QFT's with epsilon expansion

2 Dey 1399           Mohammad Hassan Vahidinia (ISABS)     

Black hole temperature in Hordensky gravity

25 Azar 1399           Mohammad Reza Garousi (Mashhad U.)     

Effectice action of bosonic string theory of order alpha^2

18 Azar 1399           Ali Mollabashi (YITP)     

Pseudo entropy in free QFT's

11 Azar 1399           Ali Ashtari Esfahani (SUT)     

Project-8: Neutrino mass measurement from cycrotron radiation spectroscopy

4 Azar 1399           Abdollah Mohammadi (Kansas state U./CERN)     

Rare Higgs decays

27 Aban 1399           Maryam Zeinali (SUT)     

Luminosity measuremet at the LHC

20 Aban 1399           Behrad Taghavi (IPM)     

On free energy for deformed JT gravity

6 Aban 1399           Alek Bedroya (Harvard U.)     

dS complementarity, TCC and the Swampland

22 Mehr 1399           Arash Jofrehi (Zurich U./CERN)     

As much of a particle detection that fits in a nutshell

15 Mehr 1399           Ghazal Ghaffari (SUT)     

Impact of the bounds on the direct search of bino-like dark matter on naturalness

8 Mehr 1399           Mohsen Karkheiran (IBSCTPU south Korea)     

G-flux in F-theort from Heterotic/F-theory duality

1 Mehr 1399           Sahand Seif Nashri (SCGP, Stony Brook U.)     

Non-invertible symmetries and confinemt in 2D adjoing QCD

1398-1399  Summer Semester

18 Shahrivar 1399           Mohammad Hassan Hasanshahi (Imperial College London)     

Measuring the CP nature of the Yukawa coupling between the Higgs and the tau leptons at CERN

4 Shahrivar 1399           Mahdis Ghodrati (SUT)     

The connection between holographic entanglement and complexity of purification

28 Mordad 1399           Reza Goldozian (Notre Dame U./CERN)     

Using associative top quark production to probe for new physics within the framework of effective field theory

21 Mordad 1399           Ali Shayegan (SUT)     

A conformal extension of SUSY and its particle collider phenomenology

21 Mordad 1399           Ali Shayegan (SUT)     

A conformal extension of SUSY and its particle collider phenomenology

1398-1399  2st Semester

20 Khordad 1399           Ahmad Reza Moradpour (SUT)     

Hydrodynaimcs of the tilted Dirac materials

13 Khordad 1399           Mehrnous Rahbardar (SUT)     

Magnetohydrodynamics and turbulence

30 Ordibehesht 1399           Hamed Zolfi (SUT)     

Path integral optimization for TTbar deformation

23 Ordibehesht 1399           Farid Taghavi (TUM, Munich)     

Does LHC produce quark-gluon plasma in proton-proton collision?

26 Farvardi 1399           Fatemeh Elahi (IPM)     

Cold gas clouds as dark matter detectors

19 Farvardi 1399           Nima Lashgari (Purdue U.)     

Entanglement and Interwiners: from qubits to QFT

29 Bahman 1399           Neda Sadooghi (SUT)     

A review on open questions in quark-gluon plasma physics

1398-1399  1st Semester

17 Dey 1398           Aida Mehin Rasulian (SUT)     

A proposal for inflation and dark energy

10 Dey 1398           Hamed Zolfi (SUT)     

Holographic quantum error correction

3 Dey 1398           Amin Faraji (Arak U.)       

Holographic picture of black hole evaporation

26 Azar 1398              


19 Azar 1398           Hajar Ebrahin (U of Tehran)     

Mutual information near critical points

12 Azar 1398            Mohsen Etesami (IPM)     

Measurement of production cross section of single top quark with a photon

5 Azar 1398            Saeed Fathi (SUT)     


28 Aban 1398            Ali Naseh (IPM)     

Path integral optimization for TTbar deformation

21 Aban 1398           Reza Fareghbal (Shahid Beheshti U.)

Einstein equation from the first law of entanglement entropy

14 Aban  1398          Mehregan Dorodiani (SUT)      

Quantum computational complexity of quantum field theories and holography

30 Mehr 1398            Mohammad Vahidinia (IASBS)      

Gauge/Gravity duality and quantum information

23 Mehr 1398            Ali Tabatabaee (SUT)      

Magnetization effect on the hydrodynamic evolution of thermodynamics quantities

16 Mehr 1398            Alek Bedroya (Harvard)      

Trans-Planckian censorship and the swampland

9 Mehr 1398              Mahdi Torabian (SUT)     

Massive Spin 2 from symmetry breaking via interval compactifications


1397-98  2nd Semester

7 Khordaad 1398           Shima Asnafi (SUT)     

BRST invariant RG flows

31 Ordibehesht 1398            Hadi Mehrabpour (SUT)     

Partial Pearson Correlation Analysis Method

24 Ordibehesht 1398            Omid Tavakol (SUT)     

Magneto-Transport in a Chiral Fluid from Kinetic Theory

17 Ordibehesht 1398            Fatemeh Elahi (IPM)     


10 Ordibehesht 1398           Seddigheh Tizchang (IPM)

Lorentz Violating BSM

3 Ordibehesht 1398          Sarah Khatibi (U of Tehran)      

Multi-Component Dark Matter in a non-Abelian Dark Sector

3 Ordibehesht 1398 (Joint at 13:30)          Mehrdad Mirbabayi (ICTP and Stanford ITP)      

Spin of the Primordial Black Holes

27 Farvardin 1398            Akbar Jafari (SUT)      

Tilted Dirac Cone and Spacetime Interpretation

14/21 Esfand 1397            Farid Taghinavaz (IPM)      

Magneto-transport of a Chiral Fluid in a System with Weakly Broken Symmetries

7 Esfand 1397            Farhad Ardalan (SUT/IPM)      

Holographic RG Equation

1397-98  1st Semester

27 Azar 1397            Mahdi Torabian (SUT)     

Stueckelberg-MSSM with Split Supersymmetry Spectrum in String Vacua

20 Azar 1397           Abasalt Rostami (SUT)     

Ramsey Interferometry as a test for the correction to Quantum Mechanics

13 Azar 1397            Aida Mehin Rasulian (SUT)     

Leptogenesis driven by Gravitational Anomaly in Riemann-Cartan Spacetime

27 Aban and 6 Azar 1397            Ali Tabatabaee (SUT)     

Relativistic Hydrodynamics and Dynamics of Magnetization

15 and 22 Aban 1397            Behzad Sabeti (SUT)     

dRGT Massive Gravity from 5 Dimensional Topological Gauge Theory

24 Aban and 1 Aban 1397           Aslan Seifi (SUT)

Revival of an Old Theory: S-Matrix Theory

17 and 24 Mehr 1397            Ahmad Moradpour (SUT)      

Non-abelian gauge transformations for higher p-forms and gauge theories in six dimensions

3 and 10 Mehr 1397            Ghazaal Ghaffari (SUT)      

SUSY Breaking and Mediation through the Stueckelberg Mixing

1396-97  2nd Semester

8 Khordad 1397            Ali Naseh (IPM)     

cMERA: Quantum Information, Quantum Field Theory, Quantum Gravity

1 Khordad 1397           Jahed Abedi (IPM/SUT)

Echoes from the Abyss: A highly spinning black hole remnant for the binary neutron star merger GW170817

25 Ordibehesht 1397            Masoud Shokri (SUT)      

Analytical Generalization of 3+1 dimensional Self-Similar and Gubser flows to Relativistic MHD

23 Ordibehesht 1397 (JOINT seminar) Aliakbar Abolhassani (SUT)

Resolving a misunderstanding: Delta N formalism and single field consistency relation

18 Ordibehesht 1397            Aslan Seifi (SUT)      

Scatting Amplitudes in Massive Gravity

11 Ordibehesht 1397            Mohammad Hassan Hassnshahi (SUT)      

LYSO-Based Precision Timing Detector for CMS Experiment

4 Ordibehesht 1397            Hadi Mehrabpour (SUT)      

Event Plane Method in Heavy-Ion Collision II

28 Farvardin 1397            Hadi Mehrabpour (SUT)      

Event Plane Method in Heavy-Ion Collision I

21 Farvardin 1397            Ali Tabatabaee (SUT)      

Relativistic Anisotropic Hydrodynamics

22 Esfand 1396                 


15 Esfand 1396            Amjad Ashoorioon (Univ. of Bologna & IPM)      

Extended Effective Field Theory of Inflation

8 Esfand 1396              Neda Sadooghi (SUT)

The evolution of electromagnetic fields in a uniformly expanding plasma of quarks and gluons

24 Bahman 1396          Arash Jofrehei (SUT)

The CMS ECAL Upgrade for Precision Crystal Calorimetry at the HL-LHC

1396-97  1st Semester

3 Dey 1396            Sohrab Rahvar (SUT)      

Wave Optics in Observational Astronomy and Detection of Gravitational Waves

5 Dey 1396             Masoumeh Ghasemkhani (SBU)

Photon Effective Action: Commutative and Noncommutative QED

28 Azar 1396          Navid Abbasi (IPM)

Hydrodynamic Frames in a Chiral System

21 Azar 1396           Farid Taghinavaz (IPM)      

Chiral Kinetic Theory and Hydrodynamics Excitations

14 Azar 1396           Mahdis Ghodrati (IPM)      

On Complexity Growth in Massive Gravity Theories, the Effects on Chirality and More

7 Azar 1396             Shehu AbdusSalam (SBU)

Contemporary Minimal Supersymmetric Standard Model Phenomenology

30 Aban 1396          Alek Bedroya (SUT)

Anomaly induced quantum correction to black holes

23 Aban 1396            Mohammad Reza Mohammadi Mozaffar (IPM)

Exact Renormalization Group Equation and Star-Gauge Symmetry

16 Aban 1396           Kazem Azizi (IPM)      

Properties of the newly discovered standard and non-conventional hadrons

9 Aban 1396             Shima Asnafi (SUT)

Exact Renormalization Group Equation and Star-Gauge Symmetry

7 Aban 1396             Bahram Mashhum (Missouri U.)

Nonlocal gravity and Dark Matter

25 Mehr 1396           Farid Taghavi (IPM)      

Flow of Quark-Gluon Plasma in Large and Small Systems

18 Mehr 1396            Jahed Abedi (SUT)

Black hole Quasi-Normal Modes and boundary conditions

11 Mehr 1396            Mahdi Torabian (SUT)

Towards Massive Gravity from Spontaneous Symmetry Breaking and its UV Completion

4 Mehr 1396              Fatemeh Elahi (IPM)

Thermal Dark Matter via the Flavor Portal

1395-96  2nd Semester

9 Khordad 1396            Shiva Rostamzadeh (SBU)      

The evolution of matter asymmetries and hypermagnetic fields

2 Khordad 1396            Masoud Shokri (SUT)

Transverse RMHD beyond the Bjorken flow and rotation of fields

26 Ordibehesht 1396          Mahdis Ghodrati (IPM)

Beyond AdS spacetimes, new holographic correspondences and applications

12 Ordibehesht 1396           Hesam Soltanpanahi (IPM)      

Holographic 1st order phase transition: linearized and nonlinearized dynamics

29 Farvardin 1396           Mehrdad Mirbabayi (ICTP)      

Productive interactions: heavy particles, gravitational waves and non-Gaussianity

17 Esfand 1395           Amin Faraji (IPM)      

Entanglement in Quantum Field Theory

10 Esfand 1395            Farid Taghinavaz (IPM)

On the Effects of Finite Temperature and Magnetic Field on the Observables of Heavy Ion Collisions

3 Esfand 1395              Mahdi Torabian (SUT)

Infrared modification of Gravity and Paths to its Ultraviolet Completion

19 Bahman 1395           Jahed Abedi (SUT)      

Echoes from the Abyss: Evidence for Planck-scale structure at black hole horizons

9 Dey 1395              Amir Hossein Ghadimi (EFPL)

Quantum experiments with macroscopic objects and Heisenberg limited detection of motion

4 Dey 1395              Ali Tabatabaee (SUT)

Berry phase in Quantum Mechanics and its application in Quark-Gluon Plasma

30 Azar 1395             Payam Pakarha (IPM)

Direct dark matter detection and the XNEON1T experiment

22 Azar 1395            Remo Ruffini (ICRANet)      


2 Azar 1395              Arash Arbabi (IPM)

Dynamics of Supersymmetric Field Theories by Analytical Combinatorics

25 Aban 1395            Masoud Shokri (SUT)

Self-Similar Solutions in Magnetohydrodynamics

18 Aban 1395            Ali Naseh(SUT)

New Massive Gravities

4 Aban 1395              Mohammad Hassan Hassanshahi (SUT)

WIMP Search in the DarkSide Experiment

13 Mehr 1395             Reynier Peletier (U. Groningen)

Direct dark matter detection and the XNEON1T experiment

6 Mehr 1395               Nima Khosravi (SBU)

Massive Gravity

1395-96  1st Semester

11 Khordad 1395           Yase Ayazi (SUT)

Phenomenology of Di-photon Excess

14 Ordibehesht 1395           Neda Sadooghi (SUT)

Dilepton Production Rate in a hot and Magnetized Quark-Gluon Plasma

7 Ordibehesht 1395             Hassan Firouzjai (IPM)

Primordial Inflationary Universe

31 Farvardin 1395             Sara Khatibi (IPM)

Phenomenology of a new 750 GeV resonance

24 Farvardin 1395             Navid Abbasi (IPM)

Hydrodynamic excitations in an anomalous fluid

18 Esfand 1394             Saeed Paktinat (IPM)

CMS Results in 13 TeV

11 Esfand 1394             Hamid Reza Afshar (IPM)

Holography and three dimensional gravity

4 Esfand 1394             Javad Taghizadeh Firouzjahi (IPM)

Discovery of Gravitational Waves

15 Dey 1394             Masoud Shokri (SUT)

Dilepton production from the QGP: Field theory to Hydrodynamics

1394-95  2nd Semester

1 Dey 1394              Rohollah Mohammadi (Science Museum)

The generation of CMB B-mode polarization due to Compton scattering and any new interaction such as CMB-CNB interactions

24 Azar 1394              LHC broadcast

LHC end of the year event (LIVE seminar)

17 Azar 1394              Shima Asnafi (SUT)

Exact Renormalization Group and Star-Gauge Symmetry

1 Azar 1394              Aliakbar Aboulhassani (SUT)

Large Scale Structure of the Universe: An Effective Field Theory Approach

26 Aban 1394             Ali Mollabashi (IPM)

A brief introduction on entanglement between scalar fields

4 Azar 1394            Ali Tabatabaee (SUT)      

Relativistic Anomalous Magnetohydrodynamics

12 Aban 1394              Yaser Ayazi (IPM)

Dynamics of Supersymmetric Field Theories by Analytical Combinatorics

5 Aban 1394            Mahmoud Safari (IPM)

Splitting Ward identity for background-field flows

28 Mehr 1394            Saghar Batebi (IUT)

Generation of circular polarization of GRBs

21 Mehr 1394              Amin Faraji (SUT)

On entropic fractals

14 Mehr 1394             Jahed Abedi (SUT)

Obstruction of black hole singularities by quantum field theory effects

11 Mehr 1394               Ahmad Sadeghi (SUT)

Radiative electroweak symmetry breaking and Planck scale physics

Weekly seminars are organized for Tuesdays at 15.

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