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Rahvar, Sohrab Professor, Chair Research Interests: Cosmology Email: rahvar[at]sharif[dot]edu more ... Homepage:
Mahdavi, Seyed Mohammad Professor, Vice-chair for education Research Interests: Thin Films, Nanophysics, Optoelectronics, Optical Waveguides Email: mahdavi[at]sharif[dot]edu more ... Homepage:
Naseri, Naimeh Assistant Professor, Vice-chair for student affairs Research Interests: Hydrogen energy, Photo/Electro catalyst for solar energy conversion, Water splitting and Supercapacitors Email: naseri[at]sharif[dot]edu more ... Homepage:
Sadooghi, Neda Professor, vice chair for graduate education Research Interests: Finite Temperature Field Theory, QCD Matter, Quantum Field Theory, Noncommutative Gauge Theory, Astroparticle Physics Email: Email: sadooghi[at]sharif[dot]edu more ... Homepage:
Abolhasani, Ali Akbar Assistant professor Research Interests: Cosmology, Inflation, Cosmic Microwave Background, Large Scale Structure Email: ali.abolhasani[at]sharif[dot]edu more ... Homepage:
Akhavan, Mohammad Professor Research Interests: Magnetism, Super-Conductivity Email: akhavan[at]sharif[dot]edu more ... Homepage:
Akhavan, Omid Assistant Professor Research Interests: Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, ... Email: oakhavan[at]sharif[dot]edu more ... Homepage:
Amjadi, Ahmad Associate Professor Research Interests: Medical Physics and Laser Email: amjadi[at]sharif[dot]edu more ... Homepage:
Anvari, Abbas Professor Research Interests: Plasma Physics, Laser Physics Email: anvari[at]sharif[dot]edu more ... Homepage:
Ardalan, Farhad Professor (Emeritus) Research Interests: String Theory, Field Theory Email: ardalan[at]sharif[dot]edu more ... Homepage:
Arfaei, Hessamaddin Professor Research Interests: Particle Physics, String Theory and Quantum Field Theory Email: arfaei[at]sharif[dot]edu more ... Homepage:
Baghram, Shant Assistant Professor Research Interests: Cosmology Email: baghram[at]sharif[dot]edu Homepage:
Bahmanabadi, Mahmud Associate Professor Research Interests: Astrophysics Email: bahmanabadi[at]sharif[dot]edu more ... Homepage:
Bahrampour, Alireza Professor Research Interests: Photonics ,Quantum Optics, Laser Email: bahrampour[at]sharif[dot]edu more ... Homepage:
Ejtehadi, Mohammad Reza Professor Research Interests: Soft Condensed Matter Physics, Physics of Biological Macromolecules, Complex matter. Email: ejtehadi[at]sharif[dot]edu more ... Homepage:
Esfandiar,Ali Assistant Professor Research Interests: Graphene and two-dimensional materials, Iontronics, Membrane science, Chemical sensing, Nanoscale physics Email: Phone : +98-21-66164557 more ... Homepage:
Golshani, Mehdi Professor Research Interests: High Energy Physics, Neutrino Interaction and Philosophy of Physics Email: golshani[at]sharif[dot]edu more ... Homepage: Homepage 2:
Iraji Zad, Azam Distinguished Professor Research Interests: Experimental Surface Physics and Thin Films and Nanotechnology Email: iraji[at]sharif[dot]edu more ... Homepage:
Jafari, Seyed Akbar Associate Professor Research Interests: Strongly Correlated Electron Systems: Theory and Computation Email: jafari[at]physics[dot]sharif[dot]edu more ... Homepage:
Kargarian, Mehdi Assistant Professor Research Interests: topology and exotic phases of matter, low-dimensional electron systems Email: Phone : +98-21-66164576 more ... Homepage:
Karimipour, Vahid Professor Research Interests: Interests: Quantum Computing Email: vahid[at]sharif[dot]edu more ... Homepage:
Langari, Abdollah Professor Research Interests: Strongly Correlated Electron Systems Email: langari[at]sharif[dot]edu more ... Homepage:
Mansouri, Reza Professor Research Interests: Relativity and Cosmology Email: mansouri [at] more ... Homepage:
Memarzadeh, Laleh Assistant Professor Email: memarzadeh[at]sharif[dot]edu more ... Homepage:
Moghimi Araghi, Saman Associate Professor Research Interests: Statistical Physics, Self-Organized Critical Systems Email: samanimi[at]sharif[dot]edu more ... Homepage:
Moshfegh, Alireza Professor Research Interests: Experimental Surface and Thin Film Physics,Nanotechnology Email: moshfegh[at]sharif[dot]edu more ... Homepage: Homepage 2:
Raeisi, Sadegh Assistant professor Research Interests: Quantum information science, Quantum mechanics Email: Phone : +98-21-66164509 Homepage:
Rahimi Tabar, Mohammad Reza Professor Research Interests: Complex Systems Email: rahimitabar[at]sharif[dot]edu more ... Homepage:
Rezakhani, Ali Associate Professor Research Interests: Quantum Information Science, Quantum Computation Email: rezakhani[at]sharif[dot]edu more ... Homepage:
Rouhani, Shahin Professor Research Interests: Conformal Field Theory, Critical Phenomena Email: srouhani[at]sharif[dot]edu more ... Homepage:
Sadighi, Rasoul Professor Research Interests: Laser, Plasma, Photonic Email: sadighi[at]sharif[dot]edu more ... Homepage:
Seyed-Reihani, Seyed-Nader Assistant Professor Research Interests: Optical Tweezers, Physical optics, Biological and Soft matter physics, Force spectroscopy of biopolymers Email: sreihani[at]physics[dot]sharif[dot]edu more ... Homepage:
Taghavinia, Nima Associate Professor Research Interests: Optoelectronics and Nanotechnology Email: taghavinia[at]sharif[dot]edu more ... Homepage:
Torabian , Mahdi Assistant professor Research Interests: String Theory, Particle Physics, Early Universe Cosmology Email: more ... Homepage: Homepage 2:
Vesaghi, Mohammad Ali Professor Research Interests: Carbon Thin Films Email: vesaghi[at]sharif[dot]edu more ... Homepage:

Retired Faculty Memebers

Hedayati Dezfouli, Mohammd Reza Assistant Professor (Retired) Research Interests: Astrophysics of compact stars Email: hedayati[at]sharif[dot]edu more ... Homepage:
Samimi, Jalal Professor (Retired) Research Interests: High Energy Astrophysics and Gamma Ray Astronomy Email: samimi[at]sharif[dot]edu Homepage:

Adjunct Professors

Afshordi, Niayesh Associate Professor Research Interests: Interests:Astrophysics & Gravitation Email:
Chu, Paul C. W. Professor Research Interests: Experimental superconductivity Email: Homepage:
Leggett, Anthony James Professor Research Interests: Aspects of cuprate superconductivity, Foundations of Quantum Mechanics, Superfluidity and phase coherence in degenerate atomic gases Email: Homepage:
Mashhoon, Bahram Professor Research Interests: Theory of Gravitation, Relativistic Astrophysics and Cosmology Email: mashhoonb[at] Homepage:
Nafari, Nasser Professor Research Interests: Density Functional Theory, Dynamical Mean-Field Theory Email: n.nasserg[at] Homepage:
Pickett, Warren Professor Research Interests: First principle studies of electronic properties of materials Email: Homepage:

Postdoctoral Researcher

Amoli Diva , Mitra Postdoctoral Research Interests: Laser and Optics Email:
Ashari Astani , Negar Postdoctoral Research Interests: Ab initio, DFT, Ab initio MD (CPMD-BOMD) and Classical MD, QM/MM methods, Excitations and time dependent method Email:
Bathaee, Marzieh Postdoctoral Research Interests: Quantum optics, Quantum communication, Quantum thermodynamics Email:
Dehghani, Mehdi Postdoctoral Research Interests: Nano structured thin film solar cells Email:
Farajollahpour ,Tohid Postdoctoral Research Interests: strongly correlated systems, Dirac and Weyl materials Email:
Fardindoost, Somayeh Postdoctoral Research Interests: Fabrication & Characterization of Gas Sensors based Nanostructures. Email:
Farman, Farnaz Postdoctoral Research Interests: Quantum optics, Quantum communication, Quantum cryptography, Orbital angular momentum of light, Optical quantum memories Email:
Ghodsi , Hoda Postdoctoral Research Interests: Cosmology and Data Analysis Email:
Haseli , Soroush Postdoctoral Research Interests: Study of the effects of noise on the quantum secret sharing process Email:
Hosseini, Zahra Sadat Postdoctoral Research Interests: Synthesis and characterization of nanomaterials- Gas sensors and photodetectors based on nanostructures. Email: Phone : +98-21-66164536(34)
Hosseini-Shokouh,,Seyed Hossein Postdoctoral Research Interests: Research Interests: Low cost, high performance Gas Sensors based on novel 2 dimensional nanomaterials: Synthesize and Characterization Email:
Khatibi Moqadam, Jalil Postdoctoral Research Interests: Quantum Information Science, Quantum Computation, Quantum Walks, Superconducting Circuits, Quantum Control Theory, Noise Analysis Email:
Kheirabadi,Malihe Postdoctoral Research Interests: Synthesis and characterization of nanocomposite polymers and different nanostructures, Photocatalytic degradation of organic pollutants Email: Phone : +98-21-66164519
Khodadadi Azadboni , Fatemeh Postdoctoral Research Interests: laser- plasma interaction- Instabilities of plasma- generation of High-harmonic and attosecond pulses - Inertial confinement fusion - Magnetic confinement fusion - Light Source
Maghsoumi, Ali Postdoctoral Research Interests: Spectroscopy, Raman, Graphene and PAHs Email:
Qorbani, Mohammad Postdoctoral Research Interests: Quantum capacitance measurements, Energy storage by supercapacitors and ion-batteries, Physiochemical properties of porous nanostructured materials Email:
Sarabadani Tafreshi, Saeedeh Postdoctoral Research Interests: Density functional theory (DFT) study of catalytic processes on heterogeneous systems, extended surfaces and nano-structures in the area of material chemistry, surface science, stability of nanoparticles, and renewable and clean energy. Email: Phone : 021-66164519
Shahidani, Sareh Postdoctoral Research Interests: Quantum information science, Quantum thermodynamics, Quantum optics
Soyouf Jahromi , Seyed Saeed Postdoctoral Research Interests: Topologically Ordered Phases of Matter, Quantum Phase Transition, Computational Physics Email: