Tuesday , 18 May 2021
New Announcements:

Scientific Program

The technical program of the conference will include:
– Keynote Invited Lectures: Addressed by the World authorities in magnetism and superconductivity.
– State-of-the-art Reports: Presented by well-known specialists in each specific field.
– Oral and/or Poster Sessions: Presented by all authors whose abstracts have been accepted.

Oral Presentations: The timeline for oral presentations is 17 minutes plus 3 minutes for discussion, 20 minutes in total. Power Point or equivalent file for presentation should be ready and presented in advances to the Session Chair.

Poster Presentations Rules:
a- Introduction
Presentation of poster contributions (Poster Session) is increasingly being recognized, especially at large international conferences, as an important tool for promoting a direct personal contact between the participants and the authors, and in stimulating a fruitful in-depth scientific or technical discussion.
To fully exploit the potential of this kind of presentation, authors of posters are kindly requested to follow carefully the Poster Presentations Rules.

b- Timetable
You are asked to mount your poster during the time you will be informed by the organizers and to display the poster during the whole session where your poster has been scheduled. You are requested to be present at your display.

c- Size of Poster
One panel 100*100 cm (useful space) will be assigned to each poster contribution. The poster may be secured/appended to the panel by adhesive tapes.

d- Arrangement of the Poster
The poster should be intelligible 
themselves, even in the absence of the author. It will be of great help to the participants if all poster presentations are arranged in the same sequence of captions as shown below. We suggest a minimum letter height of 5-6 mm and a minimum line thickness of about 1 mm. The conference should be placed on the above-right side of the poster.
Note: The Best Poster in magnetism and superconductivity will be awarded in the meeting, and will be acknowledged on their paper in the conference Proceedings.
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Final Program will be announced by September 10, 2017.