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Research Interests

Semiconductor Physics, Solar H2 Production, Heterogeneous Photocatalytic Degradation, Low Dimensional Materials, Supercapacitor

Research Plan

My multidisciplinary research group NEST (Nano-Energy-Surface-Thin films) focuses on physics of two dimensional systems, such as Surfaces, Interfaces, Thin films and Coatings as well as nanostructures and their growth, characterization and applications in Green Energy and Environment. These are including Production of Hydrogen via Photoelectrochemical Water Splitting reaction, Photo-degradation of toxic wastes (Dyes and Drugs) and CO2 reduction to useful chemicals by applying UV-Visible light. It also involves in the field of Supercapacitors and Electrical/Thermal Conductivity of Polymers.We have also applied DFT calculations to understand physics of all these processes.

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