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High Energy Physics

The goal of high energy physics (also known as particle physics) is to determine the most fundamental building blocks of matter and to understand the interactions between these particles. The underlying theoretical construct in particle physics is called the Standard Model and it contains 6 quarks, 6 leptons, 4 gauge bosons, and one scalar boson (the Higgs boson), which interact through three interactions (strong force, weak force, and electromagnetism). Further knowledge can be gained by trying to understand what happens at higher energies (corresponding to smaller distances), where we may produce new particles or identify discrepancies in the Standard Model. We can also investigate the existing array of particles in more depth at lower energies in search of clues to what lies beyond the Standard Model. These results will provide a better understanding of how the universe works, potentially answering questions like why is the Higgs mass so light, what is dark matter made of, are all the forces unified into one force at high energy, what happened to the antimatter in the early universe, etc. 
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Assistant Professor
Amin Faraji Astaneh

Research Interests: Quantum Field Theory and Particle Physics,Gravity and String Theory
E-mail: faraji[at]sharif[dot]ir

Professor, Vice-Chair for Graduate Education
Neda sadooghi

Research Interests: Finite Temperature Field Theory, QCD Matter, Quantum Field Theory, Noncommutative Gauge Theory, Astroparticle Physics
E-mail: sadooghi[at]sharif[dot]edu

Assistant professor
Mahdi Torabian

Research Interests: String Theory, Particle Physics, Early Universe Cosmology
E-mail: mahdi[at]physics[dot]sharif[dot]ir

Retired Faculty Memebers

Professor (Emeritus)
Farhad Ardalan

Research Interests: String Theory, Field Theory

Professor (Retired)
Hessamaddin Arfaei

Research Interests: Particle Physics, String Theory and Quantum Field Theory

Professor (Retired)
Mehdi Golshani

Research Interests: High Energy Physics, Neutrino Interaction and Philosophy of Physics