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Soft condensed matter, Biological Physics, Computational Physics, Complex Systems


Research Plan

The world "soft matter" refers to the type of the matter which can not be simply classified to the idealise phases of the matter, e.g. crystal solids, Newtonian liquids, or gases. These materials, which eventually were known as "complex fluids", play a very important role in our daily life. For example, polymer solutions, colloid suspensions, liquid crystals, gels, and glasses are the subject of this branch of the condensed matter physics. Considering this fact that all biological matter are soft, there is a strong connection between soft matter and biophysics. Currently the group is researching theoretical and/or computational studies on protein folding, DNA elasticity, liquid crystal, anisotropic coarse-grained interaction models (REsquared potential) and DNA translocation through Nanopores.



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