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Research Interests

Quantum Information Science, Quantum Mechanics

Selected Publications

  • Naseri, Moein, and Sadegh Raeisi. "Coherence Based Characterization of Macroscopic Quantumness." arXiv preprint arXiv:2010.13408 (2020).
  • Yosefpor, Mohammad, Mohammad Reza Mostaan, and Sadegh Raeisi. "Finding semi-optimal measurements for entanglement detection using autoencoder neural networks." Quantum Science and Technology 5.4 (2020): 045006.
  • Qu D, Kurzyński P, Kaszlikowski D, Raeisi S, Xiao L, Wang K, Zhan X, Xue P. Experimental entropic test of state-independent contextuality via single photons. Physical Review A. 2020 Jun 1;101(6):060101.
  • Raeisi, Sadegh, Michele Mosca, and Maria Kieferova. "Method for decreasing entropy in a quantum system." U.S. Patent No. 10,560,096. 11 Feb. 2020.
  • Raeisi, Sadegh, and Florian Marquardt. "Quench dynamics in one-dimensional optomechanical arrays." Physical Review A 101.2 (2020): 023814.
  • Raeisi, Sadegh, Mária Kieferová, and Michele Mosca. "Novel technique for robust optimal algorithmic cooling." Physical review letters 122.22 (2019): 220501.
  • Beheshti, Ali, Sadegh Raeisi, and Vahid Karimipour. "Entanglement-assisted communication in the absence of shared reference frame." Physical Review A 99.4 (2019): 042330.