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Statistical Mechanics, Conformal Field Theory, Self-Organized Critically


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There exist many different phenomena in physics that studied using statistical methods. That is, to understand them one needs statistical mechanics' tools. One of these phenomena is phase transition (like ferromagnetism-paramagnetism phase transition). Just at the transition point, or critical point, exciting phenomena are observe: fractal behaviour, scaling laws, universality, etc. The fractal behaviour means scale (and possibly conformal) symmetry, hence a good tool to study phase transitions is Conformal Field Theory (CFT).
There are some systems that tend to criticality without tuning an external parameter like temperature; the dynamics takes them to criticality. Earthquakes, mountain heights and coastlines are some examples. Self-Organized Criticality (SOC) studies the properties of such systems, the simplest and best-studied SOC model is Sandpile model.


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