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Research interests:

My research interests include topological order in various dimensions, unconventional superconductivity, quantum magnetism, and many body localization. In particular, I am interested in studying novel fractional quantum Hall and fractional topological superconducting states with potential applications in universal quantum computation.
Short bio:
I was born in 1987. I received my B.Sc. and M.Sc. from Sharif University of Technology (SUT) in 2006 and 2007, respectively. I did my Ph.D. at Massachusetts Institute of Technology and graduated in December 2010 (advisor: Prof. Xiao-Gang Wen). Right after my graduation, I accepted a tenure track offer from the Physics Department at SUT. In 2012, I moved to Cornell University as a postdoctoral fellow and received a Bethe fellowship. After three years, I joined Stanford University as a Gordon and Betty Moore postdoctoral fellow and later became a research scientist there.
Selected publications:
S. Mojtaba Tabatabaei, Amir-Reza Negari, Joseph Maciejko, & A. Vaezi, "Chiral Ising Gross-Neveu Criticality of a Single Dirac Cone: A Quantum Monte Carlo Study." Physical review letters (Editor's Suggestion) 128, 225701(2022).
Vaezi, M. S., Negari, A. R., Moharramipour, A., & Vaezi, A., "An Amelioration for the Sign Problem: Adiabatic Quantum Monte Carlo." Physical review letters 127, 217003 (2021).
Pourjafarabadi, M., Najafzadeh, H., Vaezi, M. S., & Vaezi, A., "Entanglement Hamiltonian of interacting systems: Local temperature approximation and beyond." Physical Review Research3(1), 013217 (2021).

Mellnik, A.R. et al. , "Spin-transfer torque generated by a topological insulator." Nature 511.7510 (2014).

Lian, B., Sun, X. Q., Vaezi, A., Qi, X. L., & Zhang, S. C.,"Topological quantum computation based on chiral Majorana fermions." Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences115(43), 10938-10942 (2018).

Li, Z. X., Vaezi, A., Mendl, C. B., & Yao, H., "Numerical observation of emergent spacetime supersymmetry at quantum criticality." Science advances4(11), eaau1463 (2018).

Hsu, Y. T., Vaezi, A., Fischer, M. H., & Kim, E. A.,"Topological superconductivity in monolayer transition metal dichalcogenides." Nature communications8(1), 1-6 (2017).
Mittal, S., Ganeshan, S., Fan, J., Vaezi, A., & Hafezi, M., "Measurement of topological invariants in a 2D photonic system." Nature Photonics10(3), 180-183 (2016).
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Vaezi, A., & Barkeshli, M., "Fibonacci anyons from abelian bilayer quantum hall states." Physical review letters113(23), 236804 (2014).
Vaezi, A., Liang, Y., Ngai, D. H., Yang, L., & Kim, E. A., "Topological edge states at a tilt boundary in gated multilayer graphene." Physical Review X3(2), 021018 (20013).
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Past and current group members:
Dr. S. Mojtaba Tabatabaei
Ms. Mahdieh Pourjafarabadi
Ms. Hanieh Najafzadeh
Mr. Seyed Alireza Manavi
Mr. Amir-Hossain Saedpanah
Mr. Amir-Reza Negari (Perimeter Institute)
Mr. Amin Moharramipour (University of Toronto)
Dr. Majid Kheirkhah (U of Alberta)
Mr. S. Ali H. Lavasani (U of Maryland)